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Angelic Files: Demystifying the Angelic Realm

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The subject of angels has always been one of mystery, intrigue, wonder and debates. Throughout the entire Bible we can see the involvement of angels with mankind. God Himself has assigned His angels to a multitude of assignments of varying degrees. Since there are these innumerable company of angels, the heart of this book is to whet your appetite to fearlessly take another look at the scriptures and what it says about them.

Angelic Files will show you that you can see into the "invisible realms"; that you do have a personal angel; that you can engage with your angel; that there are scriptural foundations for our involvement with them; that there are families of angels; that they only obey His word, serve in humility and honour and so much more. It is time for the manifestation of the sons of God (Romans 8:19) and it is time for the church as a whole learn what has been given to us by our God. The angelic canopy is part of His plan.


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