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All seems idyllic in the small village of Winiperu, nestled in the Amazon rainforest among glittering lakes and waterfalls. But one day the fishermen come back empty-handed and afraid. A gigantic eel has swallowed up all the fish! Adventurous 10-year-old Tiberius, and his best friend Sun-Raya, volunteer to set out on a quest to find the prehistoric Arapaima.

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The End of Time and the Beginning of Eternity represents the culmination of lifelong experiences and many years of research by author C. G. Deveaux. Driven by the passion to know the truth, He has researched the secret and the unknown. What he has found is exhilarating and shocking.

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It is very easy for us to rejoice and dance after we have won our battles, and to tell the tale that God is really good, but it is another story to rejoice when the odds are against us.

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This book will help shift your mindset to a kingdom understanding of God's will for your life, as you journey in your faith, seeking the Kingdom of God.

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The subject of angels has always been one of mystery, intrigue, wonder and debates. Throughout the entire Bible we can see the involvement of angels with mankind. God Himself has assigned His angels to a multitude of assignments of varying degrees. Since there are these innumerable company of angels, the heart of this book is to whet your appetite to fearlessly take another look at the scriptures and what it says about them.

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Michael Parris came to Canada in 1988 and served faithfully in an established denomination for 15 years after which he requested permission to start a local church. Permission was denied repeatedly for the next 5 years. By this time he was 58 years old and running out of time to fulfill his destiny.

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