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Accredited versus Unaccredited

CCM Theological Seminary does not function as an accredited training school. Our objective is to provide sound religious training for those who are called to ministry. The certificates, diplomas and degrees attained by our graduates are accepted by churches and ministries for the purpose of ordination and ministry. Students attaining a total of 25 credits shall attain a Bachelor of Ministry Degree.

Continuous Professional Learning

Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) covers the specific activities that members of a professional body actively engage in to further their knowledge, understanding, skills and abilities, relevant to the organization’s beliefs, methods, and practice of that profession. The purpose of CCM’s CPL program is to actively engage Christian Workers in furthering their knowledge, understanding, skills and abilities, relevant to the effective delivery of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in today’s world.


Our curriculum is specially designed to give students the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to practice ministry effectively in today’s world. Upon completion of the program, students will be adequately equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill God’s call upon their lives.


To apply for a CPL Course click the link below to download a form. Print it and follow the instructions on the form.

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CPL Course Outlines

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