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Spiritual Hospital Manual: Providing Hope


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You have tried everything including the medical system and still cannot find help. You might be wondering if you can ever be healed or delivered. Did you know that some sicknesses are spiritual and cannot be healed with medical interventions?

You may feel like all hope is gone, that life has no meaning. That you are in spiritual prisons, oppressed, perplexed and depressed, well this book could be the answer for you. If doctors have given you up to die, you can be healed. It doesn't matter how bad the issue is you can be healed. There is a sovereign power that is substantially greater than any human knowledge, wisdom or prescription. God specializes in healing all things. Let's find out how you can be healed spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, reationally...

While science and medicine are accomplishing great results, they are certainly a gift from God that he uses to bring healing and deliverance as well. However, there is a spiritual solution for everyone but people are perishing because of lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4 vs. 6) This book will not only enhance your spiritual knowledge, but educate you about the word of God over your life. This book will also show you how to apply the principles in order for the full manifestation of healing to take place.


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