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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is CCM?

Answer: Canadian Christian Ministries is a fellowship of Ministers. CCM is the leading ministry service provider in Canada. If you are called to ministry we will provide you with religious training, Ministerial Credentials, Minister ID Card, registration of your ministry or church, spiritual covering and ongoing mentoring through leadership seminars and workshops. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors headed by a General Overseer.


Question: How many Ministers are in CCM?

Answer: Currently CCM has over 450 Ministers in Canada.


Question: How can I become a Minister with CCM?

Answer: By applying for membership and completing one of our Minister Certification courses.


Question: Are credentials issued by CCM recognized internationally?

Answer: All credentials issued by CCM are recognized provincially, nationally and internationally. You have a right to use the word “Reverend” preceding your name such as Reverend John Smith.


Question: Do I have to renew my credentials and is there a fee for doing so?

Answer: All credentials are valid for the calendar year in which they are issued and must be renewed by January 01each year. The renewal fee is $100 for a non-photo ID card, and $120 for a photo ID card.


Question: Do I have to pay tithes to CCM? Does my church have to remit tithes to CCM?

Answer: No Minister pay tithes to CCM. No church pay tithes to CCM. CCM is funded by charitable donations and revenue generated from the renewal of ministerial credentials.


Question: Will I be assigned to an administrative District?

Answer: All Ministers are assigned to an administrative District under the supervision of a District Pastor.


Question: If I lost my Minister ID card, can I get a replacement card, and is there a fee to replace my card?

Answer: Yes, your card can be replaced for a processing fee of $25.


Question: How can I get my church registered with the government?

Answer: CCM will prepare all the government paperwork for you at no cost. This service is available to members of CCM only. Please request an information brochure from CCM about the registration requirements and process.


Question: Who can get a Marriage License through CCM?

Answer: Only Ordained Ministers who are Senior Pastors or Associate Pastors of legally registered churches or ministries are eligible for Marriage Licenses through CCM.


Question: How do I pay my Pastor and church employees and remit the taxes to the government?

Answer: You must have a payroll account with Canada Revenue Agency to pay salaries to anyone. Instead of doing it yourself please contact a payroll company known as Ceridian. This company will set up your church’s payroll account, pay the Pastor from the church’s bank account, remit the taxes to the government, give the Pastor pay-stubs and T4 slips, and submit the T4 Summary to Canada Revenue Agency for a very small reasonable fee. Their website is


Question: How can I do my church tax report also known as the Charity Information Return?

Answer: An officer of CCM can assist you in preparing your Charity Information Return. CCM conducts a Church Treasurers’ Seminar biannually to teach Treasurers how to keep accurate records and books and prepare church tax reports.


Question: Where can I get church insurance to lease a property?

Answer: Brokerforce Insurance Inc., everything is done online and your policy is emailed to you. Their contact phone number is 1-800-263-9870. Their website is


Question: Where can I get liability insurance to cover a one day or weekend event?

Answer: PAL Insurance Brokers Ltd. Their contact phone number for Ontario is 1-800-265-8098. Their contact phone number for Alberta is 1-800-661-1608. Everything is done online and your policy is emailed to you. Their website address is


Question: Where can I get group insurance?

Answer: All CCM Ministers, their board members and church employees are eligible for home and auto group insurance under the "Evangelical Group". With group insurance the premiums are lower. To get home or auto insurance under this group please contact Mr. Scott Jones at D. L. Deeks Insurances Services Inc. The phone number is 905-479-7322 ext. 223. The email address is The website is When you call, please say you were referred by Bishop Pat Johnson and that you are a Minister with CCM or a board member of your local church or an employee of your church, whichever applies. Please note that neither the Bishop or CCM gets any financial compensation for referrals. 


Question: Where can I purchase clergy clothing?

Answer: Broughton’s Church Supplies. Their contact phone number is 416-690-4777. Online purchases are available. Their website address is


Question: Where can I purchase church supplies such as communion sets, anointing oil and Christian literature.

Answer: You may purchase these items from two locations:

  1. Cornerstore Bookshop. Their contact phone number is 416-224-8999. Online purchases are available. Their website address is
  2. Faith Culture. Their contact phone number is 416-.291-9005. Online purchases are available. Their website address is


Question: Where can I purchase or rent musical equipment and public address systems?

Answer: Long & McQuade Musical Instruments. This company is located nationwide. To visit a store near you please find a location from their website at


Question: Where can I get a website built for my church?

Answer: You can get a free website design as a CCM member from Clixter Canada. This is the company that designed and manages the CCM website. Please visit this page for more information on this free website offer or contact Miquel Escobar by email at


Question: Where can I get professional video production of my event and online promotional flyers?

Answer: You may get these from Clixter Canada. Please visit Clixter Canada Website or contact Miquel Escobar by email at


Question: How can I publish my preaching videos into youtube?

Answer: Please contact Miquel Escobar by email at


Question: How can I advertise my event through CCM?

Answer: Please forward a flyer to Rev. Deborah Nembhard-Colquhoun or post the flyer on Facebook and tag Rev. Deborah in the post. She will post your event flyer on the CCM Events Page. This is a free service.


Question: How can I receive online donations for my church from members of the public?

Answer: Register with CanadaHelps to receive online donations. CCM is registered with this organization also. CanadaHelps will receive donation for your church, deposit it directly into your church’s bank account and issue the donor an official tax donation receipt. To register please visit their website at


Question: Can I sell products in CCM?

Answer: No solicitation and no selling of products such as health food products, beauty products and business ventures are permitted in CCM. The exceptions are books written by CCM Ministers, music DVD’s by CCM Ministers, and artwork painted by CCM Ministers. The material must be produced by the Minister.


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